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Kev Fox Band

Kev Fox Band played last concert of POLAND SUMMER TOUR 2010 in Weigh House in Poznan Old Market Square. Thank You!


Jazzownia Liberalna

SmoothHarp played 12 concerts as a guest with Kev Fox Band on POLAND SUMMER TOUR 2010. Below gig from Warsaw's Club Jazzownia Liberalna:


Memories from Cyprus

SmoothHarp was on Cyprus and made some photos. To illustrate them he took his composition from 2005 year - "Harp On The Sand".


Concert with Wolny Band

At last we have got video, which was recorded in summer 2009 with Wolny Band.


Cooperation with Joanna Pilarska

SoothHarp often plays with singer Joanna Pilarska. "Blues Party" in Grotkw, Poland is one of that gigs they play together:


Opinions of jury after Trossingen Festival

Joe Filisko, Harmonica Player Of The Year 2001 by SPAH (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) about Krzysztof Gaszewski performance in "blues diatonic" category: "Concerning your ranking in the blues category, I believe that I ranked you reasonably high. I seem to remember that you had a mess of troubles getting your momentum going during your performance which resulted in points being taken off. You did have some very nice dynamics and in my opinion, some of the best OBlow technique. I certainly have heard you play stronger than in the contest. Congrats on your placing in the jazz category."


You need to know, that Gaszewski forgot to turn on his amplifier in the beginning of performance :(


Carlos del Junco, most popular harmonica player in Canada said shortly: "Congratulations, You played with great feeling."

Second prize at Trossingen World Harmonica Festival.

SmoothHarp was second in category "jazz diatonic". First place took Mikhail Wladimorov from Russia. In jury were the most famous harmonica players: Howard Levy, Carlos del Junco oraz Marco Jovanovic.


In category "blues diatonic" Krzysztof Gszewski started with guitar player Wojtek Wickowski. Jery Portnoy, Carlos Del Junco, Joe Filisco, Marcos Coll and Henry Heggen - jury of blues category gave him sixth place. First was young musician from Taiwan - Jang Li.


Movie from "Solo diatonic Blues / Rock / Folk / Country" category competitions in Kesselhaus Trossingen.


New album of Wolny Band!

This is a piece of music from that album. listen


A concert promoting this album:



Memories after concert in Lubin

Reed Vibration was a guest on International Day of Blues in Lubin. Our special guest was Piotr Maciak.



Reed Vibration in Old Market Square in Poznan

Concert was organized by Agency L'Arte. Reed Vibration played with a lot of energy. (photo. Mirosaw Bocek, L'Arte).

That concert was shown in local television. Unfortunately, interview is in Polish language. But music in international language :)


Jam Session in Lizard King Club

Chriss Gass was on the stage with Qbek Band. Thanks for Monika Lisiecka for that photo!

Concert in Charyzma Club

This is very important moment. Great musician Ksawery Wjciski (double bass) joined to Reed Vibration.


New band was founded - REED VIBRATION



Fragments of first gig.





Chriss Gass on Harmonica Masters Workshops in Trossingen

This is a picture with his master from Trossingen, Carlos del Junco, one of the best world musicians playing jazz on diatonic harmonica.

Carlos del Junco i Krzysztof Gszewski

Listen to the recording of the biggest harmonica of the world. SmoothHarp was a conductor of orchestra which has a Guinness certificate for playing with 851 person.


also look at the pictures...




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